Mike’s Story

It was early 2018. Decades of drug and alcohol abuse had led Mike to homelessness. First he moved from couch to couch, staying with whatever friend he could convince to put him up. When those options ran out, he took to sleeping in his truck. Eventually the loneliness and despair led him to the brink of suicide.

It was a dark place he knew well. Years ago, desperate to escape the pain of addiction, he attempted suicide. “It broke my dad’s heart. I promised him I’d never do it again.”

Mike kept that promise. “I knew I needed to come back to God,” he says. “I surrendered to him right there in my truck. And then I called Hope Ministries.” And now, a year and a half later, Mike has found the faith and healing he was looking for.

“This is actually my second time at Hope Ministries,” he says. “The first time, I was just checking the boxes, doing the least I had to do. This time, I really tried. I worked at it wholeheartedly.”

In our program, Mike attended around 45 hours of classes, counseling and job readiness training every week for a year. He also made an intentional effort to befriend other men in our program and become active in his church. “I’ve always tended to isolate. But you can’t do that here. I’ve made some good friendships.”

One of the most exciting changes in Mike’s life is his restored relationships with his adult kids and the opportunity to get to know—and spoil!—his two granddaughters. “It’s truly a blessing from God. I believe that with my whole heart.”

Mike completed our program this spring—the first thing he’s completed since high school. He’s working full-time and he lives independently with several other program graduates.

Because of friends like you, Mike tells us, “I’m so thankful . . . it’s beyond words. Hope Ministries has done so much for me. I didn’t feel worthy of anything before I got here. I’d completely lost my self-confidence. But now I’m standing again. There’s no better second chance than Jesus.”

Your gifts and prayers have changed Mike’s life…along with the hundreds of other men, women and children seeking help at our shelter and recovery centers today. Thank you!