Thank you for adopting a room at our Hope Center!

You’re helping us give hope to hurting single women and moms with kids who long to know someone cares. We’re grateful to you! If you have any questions about adopting a room at Hope Center for Women and Children, please call Fred Hollister at (515) 265-7272 or email fhollister@hopeiowa.orgYou can adopt a room with a one-time donation or through a recurring monthly gift.

To adopt a room on a monthly basis:
Please check out the chart below to determine your monthly amount. Click on the “Other” box on the form and enter your amount, and be sure to check the “Make this gift monthly” box.

If you’d rather make a general gift to support Hope Ministries, we welcome that as well!

Your gift is 100% tax-deductible. You will receive an email receipt shortly. Here’s a break down of available rooms at Hope Center and their costs:

Room One-time Cost Monthly Cost
Large Living Rooms (adopted!) $5,000 $417
Large Children’s Rooms $5,000 $417
Kitchen/Dining Rooms $3,000 $250
Bedrooms $1,500 $125
Small Living Rooms (adopted!) $1,500 $125
Toy Rooms $1,000 $83