Future Center for Women and Children

Construction Photo Album

We’re building a new 100-bed center for women and children at our Hope Ministries Steve Lankford Campus (3800 E. Douglas in Des Moines)! Construction is under way now and we’ll periodically post new photos. Learn more about this exciting project here.

December 2023

October 2023

Our new 100-bed residential wing has walls!

We’re excited to have a room dedicated to art therapy in the new center!

This area will include our day care and youth center.

This is the main entrance and lobby, including an intake area where new guests will check in.

This shot is looking down from the second floor into the welcome center.

Our kitchen and dining room is going to be so wonderful! And we’ll have a few outdoor tables on the patio as well.

This is one of the dorms on the second floor of the residential wing. Short-term guests will stay on the first floor and women and kids in our long-term life recovery program will stay on the second floor.

This view is standing in our welcome center facing the job readiness training room. We’re thrilled to have a space dedicated for job readiness!

September 2023

Walls are going up for our new residential wing at our future center!

August 2023

The foundation for our new residential wing was poured in August.

Duct work is happening inside.

In August, new windows were installed in the existing building! A new roof was also installed over the summer.

July 2023

April 2023

From the outside, it doesn't look like a ton has changed at our future center because most of the work has been inside. But you can see some groundwork is being done outside to prepare for new construction.
This is a view from the southwest side of the building showing the ground being prepped. This is where our new residential wing will be constructed.
Things are happening inside! This area is a portion of the lower level where bathrooms used to be located.
This is where an elevator will be installed in the new center. Previously, there was a welcome desk in this area.
This used to be a dining room...and it's going to be a dining room again when our new center opens!
Formerly offices—but by this time next year, this will be our children's activity center! The space has been gutted.

January 2023

Currently, the main sign of work at 3800 E. Douglas is the dumpsters sitting in the east parking lot.
This view shows the southwest portion of our lot, which is where the new residential wing will be constructed.
Major renovations are under way in the existing building. This portion of the building will include an auditorium, kitchen and dining hall, classrooms, art therapy, fitness center and more.
A view from the southeast side of the existing building.