6:15 a.m.


Men rise with the sun, and the morning begins with a hot shower to prepare them for the hard work of rebuilding their lives.


  Morning devotions open hearts and minds to God's will and set the foundation for the day's activities.

7:30   A hot and wholesome breakfast provides energy, strength and stamina.

8:00   Classes such as "Renewing the Mind" empower men to identify the challenges that have brought them to our doors and begin to replace destructive habits with positive behaviors.

9:15   Men are transported back to our Bethel Mission where they take part in their Service & Skills (S&S) assignment in our Hope Cafe kitcehn or go to one of our ENCORE Thrift Stores where their S&S tasks might include sorting donations or restocking the racks and shelves.

Noon   A lunch break provides time for fellowship as well as nourishment, then work assignments and case management meetings continue.


4:00 p.m.   Back at our Door of Faith, the men learn practical life skills through classes on topics such as money management and resume writing.

5:00   With the day far from over, the evening meal re-energizes bodies and minds.

6:00   Men head to a local church to participate in a Celebrate Recovery group.

9:00   Back at our Door of Faith, men have time to wind down from their busy day, plan for tomorrow, and if time allows, catch their favorite TV shows.

10:00   Lights out. Men head to bed for restful sleep to prepare for another day of life transformation.


In addition to your continued financial support, please pray each day for the men in recovery as they go about their classes and work assignments. They're so grateful for your compassion and support!




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