Alyse's Story

Alyse’s Story

“I’ve never felt that anyone loved me.”

When Alyse’s meth addiction finally drove her to our doors, she was broken and wanted to die.

She started using drugs as a teenager – she needed them to numb the pain of sexual abuse and other tragedies no child should endure. Her addiction eventually left her homeless and she continued to suffer at the hands of men who would take her in.

Over time she had three children but was forced to give them up because she couldn’t care for them. When she gave birth to twin girls who were taken from her too, she spiraled into an even deeper despair. She came to Hope Ministries, determined to change her life and get her baby daughters back.

“My whole focus is getting myself together, because without working on myself, I can’t help my kids,” Alyse says. “I’m dealing with the deep-rooted issues of my childhood, and my relationship with God has grown so much here.” She is also building a foundation of healthy and responsible practices from our life skills courses and work readiness training.

Alyse’s transformation has been so profound that in January she regained permanent custody of her little girls and they’re with her here at Hope Ministries. Her older children visit her too, and she’s embracing her role as a mother.

“I’m alert, I’m aware, I’m in reality with my children,” she says. “I see their struggles and try to help them constructively.” Most importantly, she wants to be a godly role model for them. “I’m teaching them about Christ and praying with them. Not just your average prayer, but teaching them how to talk to God like they would talk to me.”

Alyse is grateful for friends like you who have started something good in her life for the very first time. “I’ve never felt that anyone loved me,” she shares. “But the love they give us here is just amazing.”

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