Angel’s Story

Angel is no stranger to the pain of homelessness. “It’s hard not knowing where you’re going to get your next meal . . . when you’re going to get your next shower,” she says. “You sleep with your shoes on because you don’t know when you’re going to have to get up. It’s so unsafe and scary—and lonely.

Years of struggle, including trauma in her childhood, had led Angel down a path of addiction and criminal activity. But while she was in jail, she began to experience her first taste of true freedom. “I found this piece of paper that had Scriptures on it. I’d never read a Bible before in my life. I started looking up those verses,” she remembers. “From there, I started going to Bible studies and I realized this had always been the missing piece in my life. I needed God.”

When it came time for Angel’s release, she wanted to go somewhere she could continue to deepen her faith. So she came to our Hope Center for Women and Children.

That was two years ago! Today, Angel is preparing to graduate from our life recovery program. As she’s processed past hurts and found healing, she’s also celebrated one sobriety milestone after another. She was able to get her license back and purchase a car, and she’s restored relationships with family members.

She’s grown in her leadership skills, too, serving on our Peer Support Team. The team is made up of life recovery residents who encourage and mentor others and plan Hope Center activities. “That gives me a boost of confidence. It’s helped me get closer to the women here and develop relationships. It’s nice feeling like I’m making a difference,” she says. “Before I came to Hope Ministries, my life was empty and joyless. Hope has restored my hope and given me a reason to continue.” 

Earlier this year, Angel experienced an additional answer to prayer. After months of looking for employment and continually running into closed doors, she was doing her best to stay positive, pray and trust God. She talked to her pastor, who shared her prayer request with others. “After that, a lady at church gave me her business card, asked what kind of work I was looking for and told me to call her,” she says. “I had no idea she owned a company!”

Angel made that phone call and was hired on the spot. Not only does she have a full-time job she enjoys, but it’s also turned into friendship and fellowship. “Now that I realize God is with me and my blessings come from Him,” she says, “I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.”