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Bob’s Story

After Bob was honorably discharged from the military, he returned to the States…only to find himself in what now seemed to be a foreign country. He and his wife, whom he met while overseas, struggled to adjust to their new surroundings and their marriage ended. As he sought solace and acceptance, he fell in with the wrong crowd and adopted their destructive behaviors.

“Drugs are something you take, thinking it will help with your current lifestyle,” he says. “But soon it becomes your lifestyle.”

As his addiction escalated, Bob began experiencing health problems, but he couldn’t stop using. He was actually grateful when he was sent to prison and forced to leave his habit behind. But as his release date approached, he was frightened. “I knew that without any help, I was doomed to go back to the lifestyle of craziness.”

That’s why he decided to join our faith-based recovery program. “With every class and every day, I knew more and more this is where I needed to be,” he says.

Bob says he now recognizes God everywhere and he’s grateful for the way his mind is being renewed. After graduation, he hopes to get his own place and remain active in his church family. Drawing on his experience in the military, he’d also like to find employment within the Veterans Administration.

“Hope Ministries has changed my life path. Now I’m happy. I’m excited. I know things are going to be great. Hope Ministries is aptly named—Hope Ministries.”

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