Chris’s Story

“It was a blessing in disguise!”

That’s how Chris describes the time he spent in jail as he awaited sentencing for forging a check. When he was granted the opportunity to join Hope Ministries’ long-term life recovery program instead of going to prison, he was blessed with a new beginning to his life story.

In addition to classes and counseling, Chris works at one of our ENCORE Thrift Stores as part of his job readiness training. He helps receive donations from generous community members.

“I had been totally isolated and introverted before, and this program is re-socializing me,” he says.

The store is also where Chris met Rodney Sloan, ENCORE’s production and warehouse coordinator, who has become a role model and mentor for Chris.

Rodney himself came to Hope Ministries more than a decade ago after years of battling addiction. He found the help he needed in our faith-based life recovery program and now feels blessed by helping lead other men to the Lord. “I’ve been where they are,” Rodney says. “I understand what they’re going through.”

Rodney prays with the men daily and, according to Chris, sets the tone for the workplace with his godly demeanor. “I’ve never been in a work environment where there is no back-biting or score-keeping,” Chris says. “Here, if Rodney needs to say something to one brother, he says it to all of us. He doesn’t single anyone out.”

Rodney believes the best part of his job is witnessing a man’s journey to a new beginning. “I’ve seen Chris grow in so many ways. He’s a grateful and humble man and he’s really working on himself.”

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