Cindy’s Story

My definition of love was all wrong,” says Cindy, describing the circumstances that brought her to Hope Ministries years ago.

She had married a man much like her father – abusive and controlling. When she realized the relationship was preventing her from being the mother God intended her to be, she and her son, Lunden, came to Hope Ministries.

While completing our Christ-centered life recovery program, Cindy excelled in our classes and job readiness training and she blossomed as a mother. But later, when she returned home to care for her ailing sister, her life began to unravel again.
“Suddenly, I was back in that controlling, dysfunctional environment,” she says. Fearing she’d made a tragic mistake and unsure how to get back on her feet, she reached out again to Hope Ministries.

“The minute we got back here, I could feel the love,”she shares.“They didn’t look down on me or say, ‘We knew you couldn’t make it.’ They were glad to see me.”

“Hope Ministries is a well-rounded program. It helps you in every area of life. It’s a blessing and a gift.”

This time, she explains, she has fully surrendered to Christ. She believes our encouraging and stable environment will help her once again find the strength she needs to dedicate her life to God’s plan and finally break the cycle of family dysfunction.

While Cindy works on her own transformation, Lunden, age 10, is healing too. Now in fourth grade, he is excelling in school and has even made the honor roll. “I love Hope Ministries because it is comfortable and safe here,” Lunden says. “It feels like nobody will let you down here.” Cindy agrees.

YOU are the reason men and women like Cindy are no longer bound by past challenges and have become overcomers through God’s love. They are deeply grateful for your gift today and continued support.

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