Junior’s Story

Thirty-two-year-old Junior still remembers what it felt like—coming to after the accidental overdose that nearly killed him.

“There were EMTs and police officers over me. They had a defibrillator out. They were doing CPR, doing compressions on me,” he recounts. “I was dead for three minutes.”

When he was younger, Junior never would’ve imagined his life veering toward substance abuse. He had a great childhood, with parents and siblings who loved him. He grew up going to Sunday School and Bible camp.

But his life took a heartbreaking turn when his younger brother was tragically killed. “He actually died in my arms. It was on the anniversary of his death that I really started using hard and it just spiraled out of control. It was sadness, grief, depression and anger.”

Today, though, Junior is a changed man. He came to Hope Ministries last summer and he wasn’t all that sure he wanted to be here. But once he settled in, he realized this wasn’t only an opportunity to overcome an addiction . . . it was an opportunity to reclaim his life.

“I know now that I can make a different choice. I see other men that have graduated from this program and it gives me hope,” he says. “They give me inspiration—there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

This month, Junior is celebrating his one-year sobriety milestone! The faith that was instilled in him when he was younger is more vibrant now, and he’s experienced healed relationships with family members, including his parents and siblings. He’s especially happy to be able to connect with his daughter.

“She’s 14 and her name is Angel,” he says. “She tells me she’s proud of me and she wants me around when she graduates high school.”

Earlier this summer, Junior landed a full-time job and he’ll complete our life recovery program soon. The future he pictures for himself is bright: “I see myself having a career, having my own house, being sober and being involved with my home church.

“This program changed my life,” he adds. “I have a lot of hope now!”