Lisa's Story

Lisa’s Story

“My daughter was scared and worried about me when I should have been worried about her.”

Poor choices including drug abuse plunged Lisa into homelessness. Losing custody of her young daughter, Jade, drove her even deeper into addiction. “I was living in a friend’s garage, bathing out of containers,” she says, recalling the lowest point of her life. Finally, desperate to get her little girl back, she came to Hope Ministries and joined our long-term life recovery program.

After Lisa demonstrated her determination to build a healthy and stable life and become the responsible mother her daughter deserved, she was awarded shared custody of Jade. Today, at our Hope Center for Women and Children, the two are strengthening the bond between them, building their relationship with the Lord and making plans for the future.

“I see the smile on her face, and the sparkle is back in her eyes,” Lisa says, describing Jade today. “She wants a home for me and her and says she prays for it every day.” Lisa is confident that, with God’s love and the guidance and direction your gifts are making possible, Jade’s prayer will be answered.

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