Mason’s Story

Mason spent years running. Running away from grief after his mom died when he was only a freshman in high school. Running away from feelings of failure after his time in the Army ended. Running away from broken relationships.

“I’ve struggled with my identity, my purpose. So I dove deeper into my alcoholism,” he remembers. “That’s been my downfall.”

Eventually, Mason landed in prison. When he was released in fall 2022, it didn’t take long for him to find himself running again, breaking the requirements of his parole and heading down the same broken road.

But that changed in December 2022. Something inside Mason cracked and he was just . . . done. Done running. Done with the chaos. Done trying to change on his own.

Mason spent most of 2023 at Hope Ministries in our long-term life recovery program. He committed himself to our life skills classes and job readiness training. He found a church he enjoys. And his life filled up with new friends who support him and hold him accountable.

“I haven’t had this many friends since high school. All the staff here are really nice, too. They’re not coarse or abrasive. They’re not like drill instructors. They’re calm and it’s easy to talk to them.”

“I used to be angry all the time,” he adds. “I was just down and angry. Now today I’m loving life. I give that to God. “I haven’t been this happy since I had my two kids—those were obviously the happiest days of my life. But this is a different kind of happiness. I haven’t experienced it since I was a kid.”

Speaking of his children, Mason has a desire to be a good role model to his two young sons. He hopes they can get involved at his church.

And he has other hopes and plans, too: “I’d like to start my own business flipping houses. I really enjoy doing that type of work. I like helping people—the people you’re fixing a house for—and seeing their faces when it’s done. Eventually I’d like to own my own home, and of course, I still want to be sober. I believe I will be.”

Mason graduated from our program at the end of September. Today, he’s working full time and enjoying his new life. “God continues to bless me every day,” he says. “This has been a life-changing experience for me, and I’m grateful.”