Michael's Story

Michael’s Story

“I just walked away from God.”

Michael blamed God for the misfortunes in his life.

The abuse he suffered at the hands of his stepfather. The trouble that sent him to a “boys’ prison” until the age of 16. His broken marriages and the estrangement of his children. And finally his addiction to the prescription he was taking for back pain.

Although he wanted to stop using the medication, it allowed him to function at work. So he attempted to cut back gradually – with no professional guidance or doctor’s care – which left him severely depressed. “Then came the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he says.

He and the friend he was living with parted ways, and Michael had nowhere to go. “I became homeless,” he explains, “floating around to people’s houses and sleeping in my car.” He endured that traumatic lifestyle for more than a year. Then, despondent and hopeless, he considered taking his own life. But by the grace of God, he decided instead to seek help at a hospital where they eased his depression and referred him to Hope Ministries.

Now in our long-term life recovery program, Michael is regaining his independence through our Christ-centered guidance, life skills and work readiness training. Most importantly, he has restored his relationship with the Lord. “The more I look back, He never actually lifted His hand from me,” he shares, as the joy of God’s love fills his heart. “I believe He was guiding me to Hope Ministries for a purpose.” Michael feels God calling him to help others who are struggling with life as he once was.

Today, thanks to your gifts and prayers, Michael shares these words of encouragement with others beginning life recovery in our care: “You may have lost everything in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start a whole new life and this time take the things you learned and do things right.”

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Michael’s hope has been restored and your prayers and financial gifts to Hope Ministries helped make it possible. Your ongoing support will continue to bless him and so many others!