Nicole’s Story

Nicole endured the pain of domestic violence for more than four years. When she was seriously injured by the man she thought she loved, she knew she had to leave him. Her life—and her children’s future—depended on it.

With nowhere else to go, she turned to Hope Ministries.

While Nicole’s experience was truly heartbreaking, it brought a blessed end to the pattern of abuse, addiction and homelessness that had taken control of her life and filled her soul with shame and regret.

“I grew up in a Christian home,” she explains. “I had a great job. I had a house. The kids went to Bible study. We had that foundation, but I strayed from it.” Now in our care with three of her children, she is embracing opportunities to place her life in the control of a loving Father and to regain her independence and self-esteem.

“Before, I could never fully understand the Bible,” she says. “Now that’s what I go to daily for everything. It’s amazing how He works.”

Nicole is also overwhelmed by the healthy and positive relationships she is forming with our staff and other residents of our long-term life recovery program. “They are friends who hold you accountable, and that’s a different kind of love—a way deeper love—than the superficial love I’ve experienced.”

She’s grateful, too, that her three younger children are learning to love and trust God, and her older son—who had followed her misguided footsteps—is now completing a treatment program and will soon join her at Hope Ministries. Her heartfelt desire is to be a godly mother and role model for all of them.

Nicole looks forward to returning to her work in hospice care and to providing a faith-filled home for her family. “Hope Ministries has been the best thing in my life in the past few years and a huge blessing for us.”

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