Stephanie’s Story

When Stephanie looks back on her time at Hope Ministries, one of her best memories is watching her youngest daughter, Faith, learn to walk.

One-year-old Faith had starts and stops, of course. She’d stumble and then try again. And that’s something Stephanie can relate to . . .

“I’ve been back and forth with my faith over the years,” she says. She’s had similar starts and stops with her sobriety. But day by day at our Hope Center for Women and Children she’s learning to walk in God’s grace.

Stephanie’s struggle with drug addiction stems back to a chaotic time in her life. “I had parents in two different hospitals in two different towns,” she recounts. “I was bouncing back and forth each day. I had two jobs and a six-month-old baby. I needed to stay awake—that was my excuse.”

After her mom’s death, Stephanie’s methamphetamine use escalated, and things only got worse when her dad died years later. She’s been homeless at times, but she’s also experienced periods of sobriety, including a previous stay at our Hope Center with her older children—Prestin, now 20, and Hope, now 10.

But in recent years, relapse and an abusive relationship brought Stephanie to the end of her rope. Having just given birth to Faith, she made the difficult but lifechanging decision to ask for help.

“Having to admit that I’d messed up again was really hard,” she admits. “It was scary to come back to Hope Center, but once I got in the door, I was so happy to be here. I was welcomed with open arms.”

At the end of January, Stephanie completed her first year of our two-year life recovery program—and this month, she’s celebrating 16 months of sobriety! Best of all, her faith is flourishing. “The one thing that was always missing was Jesus,” she says. “Surrendering it all to Him has helped me a lot.”

“When you’re on drugs, you’re not looking for Jesus. You’re running from Him. Now I’m seeking Jesus.”

Stephanie’s biggest hope for her future is to be the mom her kids need. Stephanie’s oldest daughter currently lives with her dad, but visits regularly. Stephanie hopes to have full custody again after she finishes our program and has a solid track record of sobriety and stability. “I want to have both my daughters home and see my son on a regular basis. I want to have a full-time job and I’d like to own my own house. That’s what I’m going to start saving for as soon as I have a job. That way my kids never have to be homeless again.

Stephanie is walking into her future with hope and confidence. “I’m looking forward, not backwards,” she says. “I’m going to love my kids through whatever comes their way.” Just like her Heavenly Father loves her.