Tiffany’s Story

Christmas used to be Tiffany’s favorite time of year. But the years have slowly chipped away at her love for the holiday.

It began when she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by someone in her life when she was a child. It continued when she left home at only ten years old and for the next five years, did whatever she could to make her way in the world. By the time she was fifteen, she’d missed enough school that the Department of Human Services intervened and she was placed in foster care.

The pain of her childhood seeped into her adult years, and she eventually found herself losing custody of her two oldest children, addicted to meth and experiencing seasons of homelessness.

But in the summer of 2020, two things happened that changed the course of her life: She found someone close to her dead . . . and soon after, she discovered she was pregnant.

“I realized if I didn’t change my life, that’s how I was going to end up too—dead. I started praying to God asking what I should do.” That’s when she made the decision to come to our Hope Center for Women and Children. “I needed to get away from everything I’ve always known so I could create a new life for me and my baby.”

Tiffany was three months pregnant when she walked through our doors and in the months that followed, she took huge leaps toward becoming the mother she longs to be. While at Hope Center, Tiffany abstained from meth for longer than she ever had since she first began using. She became in her church and was recently baptized. She also started working toward getting her driver’s license and saving for a car.

And she discovered a faith that gives her new hope. “I don’t feel alone anymore because I know God is with me. He’s the only reason I’ve made it this far,” she says. “He’s always going to love me, and He forgives me for all I’ve done. He sees me.”

Tiffany’s daughter, Roxyana, was born at the end of July, and she’s been showered with love at Hope Center. “Seeing her smile is my favorite thing. I can just stare at her for hours. I love watching her grow, and when she looks at me with such contentment, I’m the happiest.”

And as Tiffany celebrates Roxyana’s first Christmas this year, she’s doing so with a newfound joy. “This year, I’m remembering what it’s all about. I can enjoy Christmas again!”

“If it weren’t for Hope Ministries,” she adds, “I don’t know where we’d be. I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I know that. I’m just grateful every day.”