Tiffany’s Story

Another New Beginning

Five years ago this month, Tiffany was in a hospital bed after having attempted to end her life. Decades of addiction and hurt had stolen her desire to live.

Some of her memories around that traumatic time are blurry, but there’s one instance she recalls clearly. “I remember the staff from Hope Center came to the hospital,” she says. “I heard them in my room, but I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I didn’t open my eyes.”

Tiffany had spent time at our Hope Center for Women and Children previously, and our staff had stayed in contact with her through our Hope Aftercare program. “Their unconditional love was everything to me, especially when I relapsed,” she says.

That dark day—March 12, 2016— ended up being a turning point. Tiffany hasn’t used drugs since, which means she’s celebrating five years of sobriety. And now she’s back at Hope Ministries, serving in the very capacity that made such a powerful difference in her own life, as our new Hope Center Aftercare Case Manager.

The pain of addiction

“I grew up in an environment of addiction,” Tiffany says. “Both of my parents used and it was just kind of the norm for me. I thought that’s how everyone was.”

She started smoking pot at 11, which led to drinking and harder drugs—and it continued into adulthood. She hit her lowest low when she lost custody of her sons and daughter. “I felt defeat, desperation, and complete powerlessness. There was so much guilt and shame.”

Tiffany was first introduced to Hope Ministries through a friend. “The love that everyone here showed me was exactly what I needed,” she remembers. “It helped me believe maybe I could change, maybe I could have the relationship with God that they had.”

Tiffany’s journey to recovery included starts and stops. After she’d left Hope Center, when she relapsed and attempted suicide, our staff was quick to reach out. As she healed and recommitted to her sobriety, we stayed connected, even long-distance. Tiffany moved away and completed beauty school. When she returned in 2019, Hope Center was one of her first phone calls.

The power of new beginnings

Tiffany was first hired by Hope Ministries as a program services coordinator. When our aftercare case manager position opened up a year later, our staff knew she was the right person for the job.

“The point of aftercare is to stay in relationship with women, even when they’ve left Hope Center. It’s about accountability,” she explains. “I knew what I needed
when I was struggling. Now I get to provide that to other women.” Tiffany also assists residents nearing graduation as they line up employment, a place to live, schooling, etc.

As she helps women in their new life of independence and sobriety, Tiffany is grateful for her own new beginnings. She’s especially thankful that her kids are back in her life—including her 19-year-old son, 17-year- old son and 11-year-old daughter.

“The goal of my life now is to glorify God where He has me. I want to share the Word with other women and help others. Hope Ministries taught me a new way to live. I’m so grateful for the life I have now!”