Tim's Story

Tim’s Story

Hope Ministries has made me a better person

Tim had always been a loner. His addiction to alcohol contributed to his isolation by eroding his family’s trust and destroying his relationship with those he loved most. Eventually he became homeless, camping by the river. When the authorities found him asleep at a senior citizen center where he’d gone to warm up, they told him about Hope Ministries.

Tim graduated from our long-term life recovery program at our Door of Faith in 2012. Sadly, his sobriety was short-lived. “I walked away from God,” he says. “And when I do that, things go terribly, terribly wrong.” Last year, finally ready to rebuild his life and restore his relationship with the Lord, he returned to our care.

“This time I didn’t hurry through the classes like before,” he says. “I really listened to my case manager. He told me what I was missing the first time around was really opening up to other people.”

Tim took those words to heart. He recently completed our program again, this time transitioning to our Aftercare Ministry and joining our Fraternity of Hope alumni program to stay connected with his brothers in Christ. He is also embracing his church family.

“I’m in a Bible study every week and that’s been a blessing,” he shares. “I also hand out the bulletins and I get to meet more people. That used to be hard for me to do, but it has made a huge difference in my life.”

Tim is grateful for your gifts and prayers and believes it is important to support our ministry’s work because of the hope that is renewed – in so many ways – inside our doors. “Hope Ministries has made me a better person,” he says.

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Tim’s hope has been restored and your prayers and financial gifts to Hope Ministries helped make it possible. Your ongoing support will continue to bless him and so many others!