Allison: A Great Job & Financial Independence

Meet Allison, a current resident at our Hope Center for Women and Children who is in the late phases of our life recovery program! Allison shared the early part of her recovery story in a one-minute video last fall . . .

Since that interview was recorded, Allison has hit a pretty exciting milestone—she recently landed a full-time job at a financial company where she gets to make use of her IT skills. She said Hope Center staff encouraged her throughout the process of applying for positions and the sobriety, peace and hope she’s found helped her go into her interview with confidence.

While working full-time, Allison is focusing on her finances, too. Hope Center residents receive a small regular stipend while staying with us and they’re required to put 25% of it into savings. Allison’s adding to her savings from her paycheck and hopes to have enough saved by the time she graduates from our long-term program to have a down payment on a house for her and her two boys!