Construction Corner

This amazing work is all thanks to support like yours!

Construction is in full force at our Bethel Mission men’s shelter. This exciting project will allow us to serve 250 more men in need each year!

The biggest update will be to our shelter dorm, where our capacity will increase from 80 beds to 110. This is a huge need in Central Iowa, as the largest segment of the homeless population is single men.

Plus, we’ll have expanded classroom space for onsite AA and NA gatherings as well as meetings with mental health providers and veterans’ resources. We’re also thrilled to be adding an elevator to make the shelter fully accessible.

Although the exterior of the building won’t change, renovations to the interior mean we’ll be prepared to serve even more homeless men who are looking for a fresh start for decades to come.

The ministry and those we serve are grateful for the progress, and we’ll keep you updated along the way!

More than 1,000 men are served each year at our Bethel Mission! And helping each one is only thanks to the support of friends like you. Please help change lives with a gift today!