Donation Drives

At Hope Ministries, our scope of outreach to homeless, hungry, abused and addicted men, women and children requires significant resources. Donation drives for much-needed items help supplement our resources and stretch our budget. We have a variety of donation drive opportunities for items like food, toiletries, clothing, paper products and more.

**Our needs do change from month to month. For that reason, we ask that you please contact us before beginning a donation drive. This allows us to let you know what are greatest needs are at that point, provide logos and/or fliers and arrange deliver details. You can also check out our list of current needs here.

If you'd like to learn more about sponsoring a donation drive,
please contact us at (515) 265-7272 or

Here are a few of our ongoing needs and donation drive opportunities:

"Your Change Can Change a Life" coin cards: A great opportunity for kids to collect change…for a change. Each card has slots for 20 quarters totaling $5. Call us at 515-265-7272 to order a supply of cards for your family, Sunday School class or church group.

Green Bean Sunday (or Monday): A drive to help keep our food pantries stocked. Green Bean Sunday (or Monday for businesses) is a specific donation drive for canned green beans. We especially appreciate #10 cans. 

Souper Bowl Sunday: Souper Bowl Sunday is a super-simple donation drive for canned soup that will help us keep our pantries stocked. We have found that food donations that focus on one item benefit us more than a mix of canned or dried goods. So, we ask churches and groups to focus on collecting one or two kinds of soup on Super Bowl Sunday. Call us to reserve one of our large barrels and to arrange delivery/pickup details.

Fill our Cup: As you can imagine, coffee is a staple item at our emergency shelter and long-term recovery facilities! You can help “fill our cup” by providing donations of coffee—Folgers REGULAR (not decaf) 33.9-oz and larger sizes preferred.

Harvest of Hope: Hope Ministries serves more than 14,500 meals each month! To help us meet our daily need, we invite you to participate in Harvest of Hope, our annual gathering of produce from gardens of our donors. Your gifts of fresh fruit, green beans, peas, corn—even zucchini—will help us provide nutritious meals for hundreds of hungry mouths.

Holiday Food Donations: On Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, Hope Ministries serves a special holiday meal both on-site and through in-home delivery to the elderly, homebound and low-income families. We collect food donations prior to each of these holidays to help supplement the meal. Be sure to check our Holidays page closer to each holiday for a list of food needs. 

Giving Hope Garage Sale: During “garage sale season,” you can help provide items for our ministry or raise funds through garage sales. You might consider . . .

    • holding a garage sale and give the proceeds to Hope Ministries
    • donating items that didn’t sell at your garage sale to ENCORE Thrift Store
    • or forgoing the time and effort of a garage sale altogether and donating your unwanted items to ENCORE Thrift Store!

Please remember to call (515) 265-7272 or email us at before beginning a donation drive. Thank you!


Verse of the Month

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

-Romans 8:28




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