You Can Change a story this easter 

When Jamie came to Hope Ministries, she was facing death. After years of drug abuse and destructive relationships, she was dead to the joy and meaning God had planned for her life. But as she'll tell you today, sometimes you have to experience the darkness of death--the very lowest point of your life--before you can see the light of Christ.

When Jesus died on the cross and rose again, everything changed. Because of God's miraculous plan, what might have been a story of death and defeat became one of victory and hope--for Christ and all who believe in him.

In their own ways, the people who to Hope Ministries--like Jamie--are facing death too:

  • They're homeless and hungry
  • They're battling addiction
  • They've lost their homes and familes
  • They've been in prison or are prisoners of their own destructive habits.

Yet because of the Easter story, there is forgiveness, hope and new life.

Financial support from compassionate friends enables Hope Ministries to provide life-saving food and shelter and Christ-centered programs that empower hurting people to build stable lives.

As part of your Easter celebration, you can help change a story from broken to whole . . . from darkness to light. Your gift today will bless so many men, women and children with a glorious new beginning. Just like Jamie . . .

"Hope Ministries was the place I came to when I was broken . . . when there was absolutely no hope left in me."

Jamie and Pam, one of our case managers at Hope Center for Women and ChildrenJamie grew up in a broken home. She said a family member abused alcohol . . . and her. And sadly, she told us she was also molested by a friend of the family. Yet she longed for her family's love and began using drugs at an early age to numb the pain of rejection. After high school she left home. 

"I was breaking the law and looking for love in all the wrong ways," she says.

Over the years, her addiction escalated and the results were tragic: Abusive relationships and broken marriages. Incarceration and homelessness. Separation from her children and failed treatment programs. 

Finally, she ended up alone and living in a tent by the Raccoon River--which is where members our street outreach team met her and invited her to our Hope Center for Women and Children.

"Either I get help or I take my own life," she remembers thinking.

Jamie called her sister who brought her to our Hope Center. We welcomed her with a nutricious meal and a restful night's sleep in a clean, safe bed. Then we shared the good news that here at Hope Ministries, God could change her life. Rescue. Recovery. Restoration. 

In addition to counseling and guidance, both life and work skills training, Jamie began to build a relationship with the Lord. But her journey wasn't easy. She left the program for a time only to return again, and this time her heart was opened to God's will. 

"It was like a veil had been torn from my eyes," she shares. "God showed me He is very real and now I see things differently. I want to succeed and with Him beside me I really believe I can."

Thank you for changing life stories by donating today.

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Verse of the Month

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

-Romans 8:28




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