What to do on your night in

Instead of eating out at a restaurant...

…Make Homemade Pizza!

You could even make a game out of it with your fam. Raid the pantry and see who can make the most creative pizza with whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand. Here at Hope Ministries, we serve hundreds of free meals every day using all kinds of food donations. Our chefs don’t often know what we’re going to receive each day…and yet, they’re able to pull together nutritious meals from a variety of unexpected ingredients.

Instead of eating out at a restaurant... (2)

…Stream a Movie at Home

Netflix…Amazon Prime…Hulu…you’ve got options. If you’d like to stay on theme, you could check out a flick about homelessness—The Pursuit of Happyness, Same Kind of Different as Me, or the classic My Man Godfrey (a hilarious and heartwarming Golden Era Hollywood film about a “forgotten man” who teaches a wealthy family about compassion)While you’re at it, why not check out one of our inspiring testimony videos—like Angela’s or Leland’s or any of our One Minute with Hope clips.

Instead of eating out at a restaurant... (3)

…Have a Family Game Night

Here’s an interesting conversation starter: Pull out the kids game Chutes & Ladders…when one of you gets stuck going down a long chute, talk about the “chutes” that cause individuals and families to struggle with homelessness, poverty and hunger—job loss, sudden death of a loved one, mental illness, lack of education. And then talk about compassion…and about how you as a family might be able to offer a “ladder” to someone in need.