Life Recovery Programs

Our free long-term life recovery programs for men, single women and mothers with children are designed to address the root causes of homelessness, chronic poverty, addiction and other life struggles, so our residents can become productive members of society.

Our programs focus on these six areas of emphasis

Spiritual Life

Residents participate in chapel services, devotions and/or Bible studies. We do not require our residents to share our faith, but we let them know they will hear about Jesus Christ.


Our substance abuse counselor works with men and women struggling with drug and/or alcohol addiction. We also address other issues—such as chronic poverty, abuse, pornography or gambling addiction—through meetings with case managers, program classes, and both on- and off-site support groups.

Work Training

Through on-site work assignments, job readiness training and internship/job shadowing opportunities, we help men and women prepare for the workplace. We also provide opportunities for residents to give back to the community, and we assist men and women with job searches.

Life Skills

Life skills classes include practical topics such as financial management, parenting, computer basics, etc., as well as personal life skills such as anger management, problem-solving, conflict management, healthy boundaries, etc.


Our case managers assist residents who need their high-school equivalency diploma or who want post-secondary education.

Health & Wellness

We educate residents on nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. We also partner with other groups to provide wellness education and fitness opportunities. We help our residents access medical care if needed.

When residents complete our life recovery programs, they have employment and stable housing. They’re active in a local church or recovery community, and they’re clean and sober.

Life recovery for men begins at our Bethel Mission men’s shelter and continues at our Door of Faith life recovery center. Learn more here.
Life recovery for women and children takes place at Hope Center for Women and Children. Learn more here.

We offer continued classes, case management and counseling through our Hope Aftercare Ministry and alumni programming.

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